Tree Felling

Tree felling may be required for a number of reasons. We are qualified tree surgeons and have been tree felling for many years. This enables us to quickly identify symptoms of decay, rot and disease in trees, risk to your property from overhanging branches or storm damage. In order to avoid damaging surrounding areas, a site survey should be conducted to ensure the safest action is taken when felling trees. Never underestimate the damage or injuries that can be caused by falling or dangerous trees. If a tree has been weakened and unstable, tree felling or removal may be the only option available. Similarly there are other occasions when tree felling is the only viable option, for example if a tree is too close to a building, or the tree roots are affecting a buildings foundation. We offer a wide range of tree services and tree felling may not be always required. In some circumstances careful reduction and pruning may be of greater benefit.

Complete Tree Felling Service

If you live in a tree conservation area, or if there is a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) on the affected tree, then you will need to have the appropriate permission from your Local Authority in order for it to be removed. We have years of experience dealing with Local Authorities and are always happy to help and support with you with the application process if not already completed.