Tree Pollarding

Tree pollarding involves removing all the smaller branches and shoots reducing the crown of the tree back to the trunk. This allows new branches to sprout from those cuts. This type of tree surgery helps keep the trees healthy, and enables controllable tree growth. Pollarding helps maintain tree balance and is a technique often used in urban areas, where trees may affect street lighting or telephone poles. Regular pollarding reduces weight and high wind vulnerability, will slow down the root growth, and may prevent future sub-level damage.

Tree pollarding can be done at any time throughout the year; however we recommend pollarding be carried out in late winter or early spring. There are many trees that can be pollarded, some of the most common species include: Ash, Willow, Elm, Oak, Tulip Tree, Mulberry, London Plane and Common Lime. Pollarding may not always be the right type of pruning system for your trees. We will always advise you on the best option that’s right for you, the tree and the grounds.

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