Dead Wooding

As a tree matures, it’s natural for it to produce branches and limbs that are dying or dead. These limbs then become vulnerable over time and during high winds may fall, making the area below the tree unsafe. Dead wooding is the process of removing these dying, dead or diseased branches throughout the trees crown. If these dead limbs are left untreated, rot can quickly spread leading to fungus issues which can affect the overall health of the tree.

Dead Wooding Service

Removing the dead branches before they fall is the main reason for dead wooding. However, there are other benefits including the removal of unwanted weight reducing the wind resistance. Dead wooding increases the amount of light that can pass to sounding areas, and with the dead wood removed, the tree looks more visually pleasing. If left untreated, dead wood can attract many diseases and pests. Dead wooding is often carried out in conjunction with crown thinning. You can click here to read more on our crown thinning services.

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