Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is one of the most common tree pruning techniques used by Arborists today. It involves bringing the foliage from the outer edges of the tree into the crown, reducing the overall height and spread of the tree. The final result of a crown reduction should keep the framework of the crown and a large percentage of the leaf bearing structure, but leave a smaller tree outline. In an ideal situation, all cuts would be as small as possible and be made to a bud or partnering limb. Ensuring this best practice can help sustain the trees health. Crown reduction reduces the weight of the tree, so is suited to trees that may have potentially dangerous limbs in adverse weather. We are experienced arborists and when crown reducing, we always make sure the tree is balanced. Please be aware that not all species of tree are suitable for crown reduction so call one of our specialists who will be happy to advise you on the best course of action.

Tree Crown Reduction Service

Crown reduction has become a large section of our daily work. To achieve the best results we will advise you on the percentage of crown reduction required for your specific type of tree. We have experience with working to guidelines given by local authorities for tree reductions, and have carried out necessary works when trees are in conservation areas or have a Tree Preservation Order (TPO).  We regularly work with Local Authorities and always work to their requirements. If you would like to have work carried out on a tree and haven’t made any necessary applications, we are more than happy to help or advise you with this process.

Crown reduction services