Crown Lifting

Crown lifting, also known as crown raising is the skilled removal of the lowest branches and foliage of a tree. This type of tree service is often used in built up or urban areas where access is restricted, for example when vehicles or pedestrians need to pass safely under a tree. When crown lifting is used to increase access, this service may need to be regularly repeated to maintain sufficient clearance. Crown lifting is also a great method of increasing light to areas closer to the tree. This can be a major benefit to the surrounding environment and ground health. Crown lifting normally involves the removal of smaller branches and foliage as the removal of larger branches that grow directly from the trunk can cause large wounds and severe decay potentially leading to future problems. Crown lifting involves reducing the weight of lower branches allowing them to naturally lift.

Tree Crown Lifting Service

If required by your Local Authority you may need to provide clearance to a specified fixed point, e.g. ‘crown lift to give 6m clearance above ground level’.  We have worked with a number Local Authorities and can provide you with the necessary professional tree service to abide by the correct and stated conditions. If the tree is of significant importance tree bracing can be used instead of Crown Lifting as an environmentally friendly solution if crown lifting is not a valid option.

Crown lifting service